Mar. 19th, 2009

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Have made it through another round of meetings and awkward small talk. Slept horribly last night, so any grand cavorting plans for this evening have been tabled in favor of drinking while packing, maybe some nice Thai for dinner, and if I finish up early enough, one last beer in the hotel bar. ::happy sigh::

Life Lessons From Brussels, In Bullet Point Form )

I've been watching the sun fade away over the rooftops while curled up in my hotel room (not, as you might have noticed, packing). The sky shades from deep blue to deep pink, with all sorts of interesting purples in between. It's a little chilly, but overall the weather's been exquisite for the last four days - high fifties to low seventies, not a cloud in the sky.

I hear it's been snowing in Oslo for four days straight. Can't win 'em all.

My flight leaves tomorrow at 9:30 am, and the cab comes a little after 6:30. I have mastered the irrational guilt and impulse to nevertheless paint the town red this evening, so I think I'll toddle off to dinner here in a minute. Me and the Kindle are MFEO traveling companions, and I think I may go have a drink with an umbrella in it to celebrate my last night here. It would be a fitting end to a really genuinely lovely stay in, if not my favorite city ever (actually, I'd be hard-pressed to pick one), a city for which I hold a great deal of affection.

Next stop: Oslo. For less than twenty-four hours. Thence to a train for seven or so hours, and thence to a boat where I will live for the next seven days.

(Note to self: when preparing to travel on a boat north of the Arctic Circle, perhaps The Terror is not one's best choice of reading material, hmmm? Maybe?)


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