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And here I was thinking I was going to be all nice and relaxed and cruising on in to my eminently reasonable two thirty departure tomorrow. But the course of my trips never do run smoothly, so there was some last-minute work shenaniganing (shenaniganning?), and I didn't get home tonight until almost ten. Because of course I hadn't started packing.

Well, at least in the putting-things-in-a-suitcase variety. I had, like, three lists (total packing, divided out by day/activity, and non-clothes items - what? lists are soothing), several piles, and a pretty good grasp of what I wanted to do. It was just the stuff-putting that was left.

So, yeah, there are still piddly details left for tomorrow at this point (check depositing, new screen protector for the 'pod, but most importantly bodyglide, as chafing is no one's friend, especially in Africa (I presume?)), but I think I'm, um, sort of there? Almost? I mean, I have an elaborate schedule for the morning, involving trash runs and cd burning being at places right when they open at eleven, but the cab comes at noon, and like (almost) always, I'll be ready.

Hey, at least I'll sleep well on the plane. Planes. Whatever.

(Still haven't decided on a tag for this trip. Am currently resisting the urge for the painfully obvious - "marrakech express" - and just painful - "out of africa." I figure some sort of Bogart reference is inevitable.)
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