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(Say it with me now - I'm not getting sick; I'm not getting sick; I'm not getting sick. Bleh. Woke up this morning feeling like I'd been hit by a truck. Am hoping the sheer quantity of fresh-squeezed orange juice I'm consuming will have some sort of effect.)

Here's a whack of photos from my afternoon toodling around Rabat, gosh, almost a week ago now. The Hassan II mosque photos are plentiful and require a little sorting, so those will have to wait for another time. I haven't downloaded my photos from yesterday yet; they'll feature a lot of scenic(?) tannery shots as well as a passel of kinneared shots of the souk, aka my attempts to document things without bringing on a dozen requests for payment.

Anyway. Back to the photos. You can click on any of them to make them bigger, then click again to make them huge.

Across the river towards Sale.

The walls of the kasbah overlooking the sea.

Interior street of the kasbah, not far from where I heard the call to prayer the first time.

The roof of one of the better-known souks in Rabat, specializing in carpets.

A shot from across the street from one of the entrances to the medina. This is only the merest fraction of the chaos.

The coastline on the drive back from Rabat to Skhirat.

The beach at sunset from my hotel room.

And now my attempts to be an Arty Photographer, this time inflicted on the Hassan Tower and the mausoleum of Mohammed V, the grandfather of the current king.

Three different shots of the tower.

The Moroccan flag in the interior of the mausoleum.

One of the ever-present guards, artily lit through an arty doorway. Or something.


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