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This morning I dragged myself out of bed at the truly wretched hour of 4:15 ack emma so that I could trek down to the Tidal Basin for a photography class (well, a photo safari. highly recommended, whatever you call it). The cherry blossoms are in full bloom; the weather was almost eerily perfect, and it was, well, awesome.

This was my first outing with my shiny new dSLR (because I'm totally not counting my brief experimentations at home with the dog...wait, that sounded worse than I intended), and I could not be happier. It's a bit of a learning process, but the magic of digital plus four gig memory cards means I could experiment as much as I wanted to. Can experiment - I'm just getting started.

Out of the three hundred-odd photos I took this morning, here are twenty-six good ones, plus one I couldn't pass up posting.

From pre-dawn to full sun preview:

More below. )

*Kobayashi Issa
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(Say it with me now - I'm not getting sick; I'm not getting sick; I'm not getting sick. Bleh. Woke up this morning feeling like I'd been hit by a truck. Am hoping the sheer quantity of fresh-squeezed orange juice I'm consuming will have some sort of effect.)

Here's a whack of photos from my afternoon toodling around Rabat, gosh, almost a week ago now. The Hassan II mosque photos are plentiful and require a little sorting, so those will have to wait for another time. I haven't downloaded my photos from yesterday yet; they'll feature a lot of scenic(?) tannery shots as well as a passel of kinneared shots of the souk, aka my attempts to document things without bringing on a dozen requests for payment.

Anyway. Back to the photos. You can click on any of them to make them bigger, then click again to make them huge.

Across the river towards Sale.

The walls of the kasbah overlooking the sea.

More kasbah, a little souk, and lots of monument. )
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What a lovely hotel room. But what do I spy there beyond the curtains?

Why, yes! Yes, that would be beach! Right out the door!

More beach and Hitchcock underneath the tag. )


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