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Or driver. Whatever. My train to Casa leaves at one; I should be at the station by noon, and we'll see just how well my packing of a ridiculous number of fragile things holds up over the next two days. (Note to self: do not swing backpack around quite so cavalierly.)

At this point, taking two days to get from Marrakech to DC is seeming a little ridiculous. I kind of want it over and done with, not this leisurely pace. However, I know when that alarm goes off Friday morning for work, I'll probably be glad of the time to rest in between. Still, Thursday's gonna be long. I'll leave my hotel at 8 am Morocco time and get home between 9 and 10 pm Eastern Standard Time. Bleh.

Yesterday's recap will have to wait for later. In short, cooking class was awesome, ran into a co-worker from the conference while in line at the Saadian Tombs, saw the Jemaa el Fna at night, then came back to the hotel, was greeted like a long-lost sister, and sat chatting with the owners and the Australian couple for three hours. I now have a place to stay in Sydney, should I ever venture thataways.

Okay. Last little bit of packing, including computer: go.


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